The Challenges

Life in modern society today presents a variety of challenges. Violence in the news, a hectic schedule, and stress can put as much strain on our everyday lives as loneliness and emptiness.

I, Yvonne Maurer, would like to help you to see critical times as opportunities for success. You will be glad to share with others the things you have found helpful, and they in turn will be able to help even more people.

The ideas that I offer are rooted in two complementary traditions, psychology and Christian spirituality. Both are bubbling springs, sources of help to meet your everyday challenges and to find appropriate solutions to your personal situation. I have found this to be so in my own life.

My TV shows, books and DVDs from both sources provide enrichment so that you can actively shape your life. Everyday topics such as relationships, family, love, conflict management, employment, or illness are addressed as well as topics that will bring you more security, courage and inner peace, mentally and spiritually.

"Dear friend, all theory is gray, And green the golden tree of life." (Goethe/Faust I) In the spirit of Goethe, we are currently expanding our program. In addition to television broadcasts and books, we are developing a club program for you. Here you are able to strengthen and apply psychological and spiritual practices in a community of like-minded people. You can request more information here.